Explore the Unseen Beauty of the Mountains with Mahindra Thar

Explore the Unseen Beauty of the Mountains with Mahindra Thar

The mountains have always held a special place for nature lovers and adventurers. The breathtaking view, rugged terrain, and cold air offer an unparalleled sense of freedom. Standing tall and magnificent, showcasing nature’s beauty at its best, one of the best ways to explore this natural beauty of mountains is by renting a capable and reliable vehicle like Mahindra Thar.
Book Mahindra Thar that carries the spirit of the original Jeep, and its legendary 4×4 capabilities are built specifically for on-road and off-road adventures.

Mahindra Thar’s Features and Capabilities

Design and exterior

  • Mahindra Thar has an iconic and rugged design, just like a classical Jeep.
  • Convertible top options.
  • The front bumper is designed accordingly for off-road capabilities.

Safety features

  • Dual front airbags.
  • Hill descent control and hill hold for off-road capabilities.
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brakeforce distribution (EDS).


  • Contains both diesel and gasoline options.
  • 4×4 capability, which means power from the engine is supplied to all four wheels of the SUV for better traction and control.

Off-road capabilities

  • High ground clearance, which means the vertical distance between the ground and the vehicle’s lowest point is significant so that the vehicle can easily pass through uneven terrain without getting any scratches.
  • Independent front suspension means the front wheels can move vertically and independently, allowing greater stability.
  • Four-wheel drive (4WD) enables each wheel to acquire power for improving grip and stability in adverse situations.
  • Water-wading capability refers to the ability of the vehicle to cross through flooded areas.

Here are the Benefits of hiring Mahindra Thar to Discover the Unseen Beauty of Mountains.

Embracing the Rough Terrain

The sky-touching beauty of the mountains lies in the rough terrain, where you need a brave heart and a capable vehicle to explore. When it comes to navigating this rough terrain, Mahindra Thar’s robust and powerful engine emerges as the epitome of resilience to easily pass rock pathways, steep inclines, and muddy routes. It overcomes all the obstacles with grace and strength, allowing us to touch the untouched corners of the mountains, such as deep valleys, waterfalls, and so on. Thus, exploring the rough terrain of the mountains with Mahindra Thar gives a new spirit to the explorer’s spirit.

Driving through dense pine forest

Driving through the heart of dense pine forests is a dream of many adventurers, as the fragrance of the air in the pine forests and sunlight filtering through the trees create a serene atmosphere that is truly appreciated by the visitor’s eyes. Mahindra Thar effortlessly passes through the narrow paths surrounded by large pine trees and a carpet of pine needles. You can easily explore the hidden nooks and corners of these forests.

Reach vantage points

As we climb up higher into the mountains, the terrain becomes even more difficult because, as the altitude increases, the terrain becomes more adverse with unpredictable weather conditions and steep inclines. Thar’s ground clearance system and 4×4 capabilities allow you to become a witness to panoramic views. The feeling of accomplishment in reaching these peak points is priceless.

Discovering hidden waterfalls

Mountains hold many treasures within themselves and waterfalls are one of them. For instance, in the northeastern region of India, Mahindra Thar can help you discover hidden waterfalls like Nohkalikai Waterfall, Langshiang Falls, and Elephanta Falls in Meghalaya.
Further, the north-western side of Mahindra Thar can help you navigate the pristine Jana Falls in Himachal Pradesh, which is otherwise difficult to reach.
Mahindra Thar’s traction control system and robust design help to overcome these riverbeds with confidence. The beauty of the mountains combined with the sound of running water is an unparalleled experience that words can’t describe.

Crossing through rocky riverbeds

Mountains are covered by various rocks and rivers with rocky beds that need careful steering. For instance, picture the thar in your mind gracefully making its way through the Kali River in Uttarakhand, where there is a huge availability of rocky river beds that can be conquered through the capable features of Mahindra Thar. 
Further, the example of the Siang River in Arunachal Pradesh presents wonderful views. It can tackle these complex riverbeds, ensuring explorers get majestic views.

Campaigning Under the Moonlight

After exploring mountains, mahindra thar on rent can transform into a basecamp. Its comfortable and luxurious seating positions provide a cozy retreat to enjoy under the moonlight. Imagine yourself under the clear sky and shining stars, where we are reminded of the vastness of the universe.

Tips for a Mountain Journey with Mahindra Thar

If you are looking to hire Mahindra thar on rent, look no further than Eagle Eye Car Rentals for experiencing off-road excellence with performance and style.

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