Why is Self-Drive Car Rental the Better Option for Tourists in Punjab?

Why is Self-Drive Car Rental the Better Option for Tourists in Punjab?
Imagine you are going through a highway with the comfort of your favorite and with your family or friends. The weather outside is very pleasant. Isn’t it cheerful?  Well, this is not such a big deal now; you can rent a car to self-drive for your road trips. Eagle Eye Car Rentals offers fanatics luxury car rental services in Punjab and has a wide range of cars like the Thar, Innova Crysta, Phoenix, Fortuner, Scorpio, and many more. Long trips are the best activity to enjoy with your family without any conditions.  Whether you are driving up the mountain or down the beach, your body may be stressed, but your soul will enjoy the whole trip. Road trips are also a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones without putting a dent in your pocket. As the literacy rate is on the rise and the average Indian is becoming more educated, the demand for better services at competitive prices is on the rise. Even though people still have a craze for buying new cars, the trend of self-driving car rentals is also on the rise.

These are some of the Remarkable Benefits for you


If you opt for a train, bus, or even a cab or taxi, you will have to be dependent on the driver. If you are driving in public vehicles, you have to strictly follow the schedule set by the authorities. Even if you booked a taxi, you have to ask the driver to stop for washrooms, food, or drinks. Asking again and again may raise an embarrassing situation. Other sources, rather than self-drive car rentals, can’t give you the freedom to plan the trip your way. You are free to explore the places without any bother.


When you are going on a road trip with your friends and family, you will crack jokes and talk about multiple things, whether they are related to your personal life or profession. If you travel with a taxi driver, indirectly, he is also participating in your conversation. You can’t be open to talking about anything. You have to limit yourself. You can’t talk about your confidential things. Even if you are traveling in other public transport, you have to be careful; many other passengers may be listening to you.
If you rent a car for self-drive, you have full privacy, and you can be sure that a third person is not listening to you.
Just imagine the steering wheel of the car in your hand, and you are enjoying the conversation with your co-travelers the way you want.


Do you have any background checks about the experience of the driver? The answer may be no. Although hiring an experienced driver from a reputed company is safe,  driving yourself is always smart when choosing the best car rental company in punjab. You are well aware of the driving skills of yourself and your co-travelers. Additionally, if you are going on mountains or tricky roads with children, you can be safe with the required speed limit.


When you book a cab, you don’t know whether the car was properly sterilized or not,t as the cab drivers are always in a hurry because of multiple bookings. On the other hand, when you book a self-drive car rental service, the company will ensure that proper car hygiene is maintained before it’s delivered to you.


In comparison to a cab or taxi, self-drive car rentals are a much more affordable option, especially for short distances. As for comfort and safety, car rentals are a budget-friendly option. Opting for a taxi can be stressful when you wish to increase the duration of your trip. Then, you have to arrange everything for the driver as well. If you want to increase the duration of your trip, you have to look at the budget twice. On the other hand, self-drive car rentals don’t charge you on a per-meter basis, so you can easily explore even new destinations.
Choosing a car from the inventory of Eagle eye Car Rentals gives you major benefits in terms of affordability and hygiene.    


If you hire a taxi for your trip, you may have to adjust the duration as per the availability of the cabs and drivers. Moreover, generally, these trips are for a shorter period of time, which may be 3 to 4 days. However, if you rent a car from the car rental company, you can book your car for one month. You have full freedom of duration, destination, and planning of the trip. 

Convenient Booking And Traveling

On the basis of the booking, car booking is a convenient option. You can book the car for your trip in advance. You can DM us on Instagram or call us anytime for booking, and your car will be at your doorstep at the given time. We have a variety of cars; you can choose as per your needs and comfort. With convenient booking, opting for a self-drive car offers convenient travel. You can plan the trip the way you want.


To make you comfortable and relaxed Eagle Eye Car Rentals Self-drive Car rental for tourists in Punjab is a way to reach out to different locations as per your schedule. We provide different types of cars, from standard to SUVs to luxurious. To rent a car in Punjab, just go through our website or directly contact us. We ensure your safety. A car usually goes through multiple processes before it’s delivered to you, like cleaning, inspecting the engine, oiling, and tank refueling. We uphold customer satisfaction and have many satisfied foreign and domestic clients.

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